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What does a day look like at U.M. ARMY?

Whether you participate in a week-long mission trip or one of our weekend camp models, U.M. ARMY strives to create space for worship, fellowship, and service. 


Participants in our mission weeks engage in a time of worship every morning and evening. These times of worship are based on our annual organization wide theme, and feature meaningful messages, heartfelt music, and opportunities for prayer and reflection. We encourage and equip students to get involved in leadership in these times of worship.

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Work Sites

U.M. ARMY is committed to providing quality services to people in need. Participants are divided into work teams by camp leadership that include individuals from the assortment of churches/groups present on the trip. We take pride in the way our camp model makes these groups feel like family after the week is finished! The range of projects we take on include but are not limited to painting, yard-work, installation of wheelchair ramps, and other minor construction projects. 

Fun and Activities

Here at U.M. ARMY we are dedicated to providing programming that is both fun and enriching for our participants. During the camp week, we offer a wide range of programmed activities to ensure children are engaged and having fun. From pool nights to big group games, every day is packed with exciting opportunities to bond with your new U.M. ARMY family.


Shower and Sleep

U.M. ARMY partners with local churches and conference centers to host our groups for the week/weekend. Our participants will eat, sleep and worship in these spaces when we are not out serving the community. We also partner with local high schools and gyms for showers. Our incredible partnerships allow us to do the work we set out to accomplish!

Learn more about our policies and guidelines: 

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