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About Us

Responding to the needs of our neighbors is our primary missional focus, while also providing an opportunity for youth and adults to experience Christian growth through service to others. Participants combine their strengths and resources to meet home repair and maintenance needs for low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners who are physically or financially unable to make needed repairs themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.


Our Values

Our National Program Team develops a theologically sound annual program to be used at all programs nationwide. Young people return to U.M. ARMY year after year because our programs provide the opportunity to impact the world around them and the encouragement to build relationships with neighbors in need, new friends and positive adult role models. Participants realize the power of God’s love as they mature into strong Christian leaders. Many will become leaders in the U.M. ARMY program. Some may choose careers in ministry settings.  All will remember their time at U.M. ARMY their whole life long.


Our History

U. M. ARMY (United in Mission: Action Reach-Out Ministry by Youth) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with offices in Texas and the Northeastern, United States.

U. M. ARMY began in 1979 with a youth mission trip to Athens, Texas, where youth groups from several Houston churches gathered to provide home repair assistance to people in need. What started with just a handful of churches and less than 50 participants, quickly grew to include more than 300 missionaries in the first few years.

Today, our organization has grown to more than 30 separate missions throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and beyond. These mission locations provide an opportunity for more than 2,500 youth and adult volunteers annually.

Our mission is two-fold; serving people in need, and providing young people an opportunity to mature in their faith-walk and life skills through Christian service.

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