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Welcome to U.M. ARMY!

At U.M. ARMY, we offer a Christ-centered mission experience like no other. Our focus is on serving our communities while creating a fun and safe atmosphere for youth and young adults to grow in their faith and make new friends. Our trained staff and volunteers are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere where campers can feel at home.


At U.M. ARMY participants will be divided into work teams to meet home repair needs for low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners in need of assistance. Participants work on a wide variety of projects including but not limited to building wheelchair ramps, installing handrails, yard work, and painting. We are committed to teaching and equipping volunteers of all ages and skill sets to participate in our work teams. 


At U.M. ARMY we prioritize creating opportunities for students to engage in and lead in worship, devotional time, and prayer. Students attend group worship services in both the mornings and evenings, engage in lunch devotionals at their work site, and will have opportunities to be led in prayer and reflection throughout the week. Our National Program Team develops theological curriculum to be used at our camps nationwide. 


At U.M. ARMY we also prioritize fun, fellowship, and relationship building. Our programs teams at our mission weeks plan varieties of games, activities, outings, and theme days to help build connection and form lifelong memories for our participants. Whether its a 9-square tournament, pool party night, or karaoke battle, our U.M. ARMY programming events make our mission weeks even more special. 


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