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Providing Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.

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Meet the New Rio Texas Regional Director: Anna Shipley August 18, 2022 — National

U.M. ARMY is excited to announce Anna Shipley as the new U.M. ARMY Rio Texas Regional Director beginning September 1. Anna has a long history with U.M. ARMY as a youth missionary, and more…

Meet the New NxNW Texas Regional Director: Ashley Sutherland August 18, 2022 — National

U.M. ARMY is excited to announce Ashley Sutherland as the new U.M. ARMY North x Northwest Texas Regional Director! Ashley grew up attending U.M. ARMY as a youth before most recently serving as the…

U.M. ARMY Board Statement August 18, 2022 — National

The U.M. ARMY Board of Directors is aware of conversations taking place in United Methodist Churches and calls on our missionaries to pray for our churches. In response to requests, the U.M. ARMY…

U.M. ARMY Job Posting: NxNW Texas Regional Director June 5, 2022 — National

The entire U.M. ARMY family celebrates with U.M. ARMY NxNW Texas Regional Director and Program Manager, Travis Burdett in his commissioningas a Commissioned Elder in the United Methodist Church…

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