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We have changed how we are engaging in ministry due to COVID-19.

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U. M. ARMY – Texas Conference is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with offices in College Station, Texas and Tyler, Texas. U. M. ARMY (United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth) began in 1979 with a youth mission trip to  Athens, Texas, where youth groups from several Houston churches gathered to provide home repair assistance to people in need.

Today this organization has grown to more than 30 separate missions throughout East and Southeast Texas and Louisiana with over 3,500 youth and adult volunteers annually. Our mission is two-fold; serving people in need, and providing young people an opportunity to mature in their faith-walk and life skills through Christian service.

Our mission is accomplished every summer when thousands of youth and adult volunteers sacrifice a week of their vacation to join God’s ARMY. Using a local Methodist church as a base where they gather to have their meals, sleep in classrooms, and worship in the Sanctuary. Participants spend each day of the week providing free home repairs for low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners in the surrounding area.

Upcoming Mission Opportunities

Location Dates Mission Type
TBA December 27, 2020 - January 2, 2021 Christmas Register
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Youth Advisory Board

U.M. ARMY is blessed to have youth participate from all over the Texas Annual Conference – from Texarkana to Galveston and Jasper to College Station.  Because of this participation, we want to hear from these youth to find out how we can make U.M. ARMY better!

The goal of the Youth Advisory Board is to provide a youth perspective on the U.M. ARMY programming material presented from year to year in an effort to improve the quality of the product being put forward; to help U.M. ARMY – Texas Conference, and by extension U.M. ARMY National, find ways to appeal to a broader spectrum of participants, both now and in the future.

But, the word “board” is a bit deceiving.  There is no group that meets throughout the year and discusses different topics.  The only meeting would happen once, after the camp season, and would be between the youth, their youth worker or parent, and a member of the U.M. ARMY – Texas Conference Board of Directors or Staff.

If you know of any youth that might be willing to serve in a Youth Advisory Board role, let us know, or have them fill out this Information Form.

Board of Directors

Name Title Contact
Stacy Buntin President Email
Patrick Foster Vice President Email
Marty Harris Treasurer Email
Sarah Millerhouse Secretary Email
Todd Harris National Representative
Roland Huysman National Representative
Jeff Reinhart National Representative
Eli Bates
Rev Sadie Brink
Anne Eaves
Lisa Gill
Rev Mak Percival
Colleen Russell
John Taylor
Corey Voskamp
Rev Clint Wyllie
Mark Brown
Geoffrey Schroyer Past President
Brian Smith (Ex-Officio) Executive Director (Staff) Email
Jack Matthews (Ex-Officio) Regional Director (Staff) Email
Jennifer Vastardis Business Manager (Staff) Email
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