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U.M. ARMY is United in Mission

U.M. ARMY is United in Mission

Leading into this mission season, the U.M. ARMY staff and Board of Directors reiterate our commitment to our historic priority of ensuring that all people, churches and denominations feel welcome at U.M. ARMY camps. The Board is in the process of completing a review of our policies and procedures and will have exciting announcements about future branding this fall. 

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U.M. ARMY Board Statement, May, 2023

Last fall, in the midst of United Methodist Church disaffiliations, U.M. ARMY released statements continuing the ministry’s commitment to welcoming all people and all churches in U.M. ARMY camps.

The U.M. ARMY Board and staff are excited for the 2023 mission season as we welcome missionaries from different backgrounds, life experiences, churches and denominations to participate in Christ-centered missions that serve people in need throughout the United States.

We stand by our commitment to welcome all people from all churches in all denominations to help fulfill the U.M. ARMY mission of providing Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.

As part of that commitment, U.M. ARMY will be announcing a rebranding effort this fall to further demonstrate an invitation to draw our U.M. ARMY circle even wider. Despite divisiveness in our communities and churches, U.M. ARMY is excited to bring people together to unite in mission as we continue to equip youth and young adults with opportunities to lead in mission and ministry. 

If you have questions, please contact your Regional Director or Executive Director Scott Atnip. 


U.M. ARMY Statement on UMC Disaffiliations, October, 2022

U.M. ARMY is committed to continue to be a place for all youth, young adults and churches to join in Christ-centered missions. We know this year has been challenging for the Methodist church. We are committed to work with churches, specifically GMC and UMC, to ensure they feel welcomed and included in this community. 

For more than 40 years, U.M. ARMY has trusted staff and volunteer leadership to provide quality youth missions. U.M. ARMY staff hope and pray that we can all work together to avoid the skepticism prevalent in the world around us and continue to trust one another to offer Christ-centered missions that are meaningful for all participants. 

We as an organization have never been through a time like this, but we are confident that with God’s grace and your help, we will all work together to strengthen the U.M. ARMY ministry and witness to the world for the next generations. 


U.M. ARMY Board Statement, August 2022


The U.M. ARMY Board of Directors is aware of conversations taking place in United Methodist Churches and calls on our missionaries to pray for our churches. In response to requests, the U.M. ARMY Board of Directors has prepared the following statement:

Since our founding, U.M. ARMY has been a place where people from all walks, places and stages of their faith journey can come together to positively affect the world around them.

Our mission continues to offer opportunities to all who are willing to serve.

U.M . ARMY Mission: providing Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.

We hope you and your church will join us next camp season. Join us at

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