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U.M. ARMY 2022 Annual Report

As we prepare for Christmas and the end of 2022, I can’t help but reflect on God’s incredible blessings this year. I am especially grateful for the U.M. ARMY team, camp leaders, and missionaries who allowed God to move through them to make an incredible impact this year. 

As I visit camps throughout the year, I like to remind missionaries that they are part of a movement with missionaries across the country doing the same work. Every U.M. ARMY missionary changes lives, and it is amazing to think about the collective impact U.M. ARMY camps have in sharing the love of Christ across the country. 

I hope you will take a moment to review U.M. ARMY’s 2022 Annual Report to see the impacts U.M. ARMY made this year.

This work would not be possible without missionaries willing to serve and donors willing to support the ministry. 

Please take a moment this Christmas season to consider how you might be able to support the ministry in 2023. 

  • Group registration is now open for the 2023 mission season, so encourage your church to register soon.  
  • The U.M. ARMY Board of Directors (pictured) has pledged $24,575 in matching funds for donations to the ministry, so we hope you will consider financial support for U.M. ARMY and have your donation matched! 

On behalf of the U.M. ARMY team, I hope you all have a meaningful Christmas and wonderful start to the new year!

Scott Atnip

Executive Director

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