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Giving Tuesday

On November 30, 2021, the world will celebrate #GivingTuesday, a global giving event encouraging people from around the world to a support a non-profit organization of their choosing, like U.M. ARMY!

We invite you to support U.M. ARMY by donating here

And then invite your friends and churches to join us in our What a Difference a Week Can Make Campaign using our Facebook Event as we share videos, pictures and stories.

This year, we are using Giving Tuesday as a kickoff to our WHAT A DIFFERENCE A WEEK CAN MAKE-Campaign 2021. Take time to remember how your U.M. ARMY Mission Week changed you, changed the homeowner you served, changed your friendships, changed your faith, and changed the way and why you give.

Here are some great ways to participate--

• Every Friday, for a month, wear your favorite U.M. ARMY T-shirt and take a selfie or pic while putting your faith in action! Post on social media, tag U.M. ARMY and donate $10 to U.M. ARMY through our Venmo App @umarmy

• Record a short video of “Why I Give to U.M. ARMY” and be a witness to what a difference a week made attending this awesome mission/ministry and tag U.M. ARMY on social media, post in this event & donate $10 through our Venmo App @umarmy

• Save the money you would spend on your morning coffee for a week and Venmo that money to @umarmy

• Take your lunch to work for a week and donate the money saved to U.M. ARMY

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