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U.M. ARMY Re-Imagined Due to COVID-19

U.M. ARMY Re-imagined! The U.M. ARMY Staff and Board Members have been working for quite a while to ensure that you will still have a mission opportunity this summer. We believe God is still calling U.M. ARMY-and you, into the mission field this summer and beyond. It will look and feel different than previous U.M. ARMY experiences, but the need is different this year than in previous years. So, we are still answering God’s call “All In” together. (Romans 12:3-8)

U.M. ARMY is excited to announce the creation of U.M. ARMY Home and U.M. ARMY Local.

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, and until National, State, and Local entities allow us to operate our traditional camp model, these will be our summer offerings for 2020.

GREAT NEWS!!!  All participants will still be able to:

  • experience worship
  • learn and explore their faith
  • help others
  • experience journal time
  • experience prayer journey
  • experience color days/themes
  • build relationships
  • have the support of U.M. ARMY staff and structure

So – what is changing? You will do more of this in the safety of your home utilizing technology for common experiences. You will work safely within your community. We will still meet to worship, you will have ideas on how to help others, you will continue to be supported.

GOD IS IN CONTROL – let’s see what God has Re-imagined for us this year – are you ALL IN?

2020 Offering details:

What is U.M. ARMY Local - $99/person

Participate in a local mission project with your church group at your local church

Participate any 3+ days based on your churches schedule

Register as a group or as an individual through the system

Coordinated group time for those online

REGISTER: You will utilize the registration link that your group has already established for this year. If you are a new group please contact your regional staff to discuss how to register.

Churches will use referral programs we support.

Churches will handle cost of projects/programming (If churches need to use our established accounts, we can help with this!)

Mission in a box supplies sent to churches*  (T-shirt, Prayer Journal, U.M. ARMY Logo Items: Bandana, Sun Glasses, Pen, Sticker, Button/Lanyard; Mission Suggestions) 

Churches will be provided curriculum and link to pre-recorded worship materials

What is U.M. ARMY Home - $50/person up to $250 per family

For Individuals or families that cannot participate in a U.M. ARMY Local model

Mission in a box supplies for each registered participant (T-shirt, Prayer Journal, U.M. ARMY Logo Items: Bandana, Sun Glasses, Pen, Sticker, Button/Lanyard; Mission Suggestions, Daily Duty Roster) 

Participate any 3 days as an individual or with your family

REGISTER: Individuals/Families will register through

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