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We have changed how we are engaging in ministry due to COVID-19.

Click here to read how you can still participate.

U.M. ARMY NE/MA Summer 2021 Mission Week Offerings



  • Churches from various locations travel to one centralized community
  • Overnight – Sunday through Saturday
  • Host Church needed
  • Offer full service – leadership roles, site coordination, budget, food, etc.
  • Sites Coordinator works with host community service organizations to identify and schedule projects
  • Director creates teams and assigns them to projects
  • Kitchens provides meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  • Programs provides on site worship and other activities
  • U.M. ARMY t-shirts and give-aways provided
  • Access to U.M. ARMY registration system and website for mission week planning and support

LOCAL ($275.00)

  • Churches participate with other churches within their general community (recommend 30 minute driving distance max)
  • Day camp model – shower and sleep at home; some meals could also be at home
  • Host church can be shared (rotating between local churches who are attending) or one central location throughout the week
  • U.M. ARMY provides Director, Program Coordinator and Sites – on site for the week (unless there are inter-state travel restrictions).  Virtual support will be provided if travel restrictions apply.
  • Worship and activities would be held locally, at identified host church(s)
  • Sites Coordinator would provide full-service support (work with local social service organizations, identity projects, line up work, etc.)
  • Local church will provide kitchen support for all applicable meals; participating churches would be responsible for all meal-related expenses
  • U.M. ARMY mission week budget will be used to provide supplies for work sites, program materials, give-aways, and other mission week expenses (excluding food).
  • Work teams are comprised of a mix of youth and adults across the participating churches
  • Additional leadership roles may be created, using local volunteers, such as Tools, Safety, Adm, etc.
  • Access to U.M. ARMY registration system and website for mission week planning and support

VIRTUAL ($200.00)

  • Churches from various locations across regions or U.S. participate virtually
  • Day camp model (unless each church allows sleep-over within their own church)
  • Each participating church is their own “host”
  • U.M. ARMY provides Director, Program Coordinator and Sites – virtual support
  • Worship (morning and evening) and other program activities offered virtually
  • Sites Coordinator available to consult with each church on potential work sites
  • Work sites are within each church’s community
  • Each church is responsible for expenses around projects, food and supplemental program materials
  • U.M. ARMY t-shirts and give-aways provided
  •  Work teams are created by each participating church and comprised of members (adults/youth) from each respective church
  • Virtual teams, for the purpose of spiritual or social interactions, may be utilized during the week for an opportunity for additional connection across churches
  • Access to U.M. ARMY registration system and website for mission week planning and support

ON DEMAND/HOME ($100.00)

  • For Individuals or families that cannot participate in any of the U.M. ARMY group models (Traditional, Virtual or Local)
  • Mission in a box supplies provided for each registered participant (T-shirt, Prayer Journal, U.M. ARMY Logo Items: Bandana, Sunglasses, Pen, Sticker, Button/Lanyard; Mission Suggestions, Daily Duty Roster) 
  • Access to U.M. ARMY pre-recorded worship
  • Participate in this 3 day model as an individual or with your family
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