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Who We Are

U.M. ARMY is celebrating 45 years in ministry! Our program has grown but our mission is still the same.

To provide Christ-centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.

More Than Mission Work

Responding to the needs of our neighbors is our primary missional focus but United Mission Action Reach-out Ministry by Youth also provides an opportunity for youth and adults to experience Christian growth through service to others. Participants combine their strengths and resources to meet home repair and maintenance needs for low income, elderly and disabled homeowners who are physically or financially unable to make needed repairs themselves.

Our National Program Team develops  a theologically sound annual program to be used at all programs nationwide. Young people return to U.M. ARMY year after year because our programs provide the opportunity to impact the world around them and the encouragement to build relationships with neighbors in need, new friends and positive adult role models. Participants realize the power of God’s love as they mature into strong Christian leaders. Many will become leaders in the U.M. ARMY program. Some may choose careers in ministry settings.  All will remember their time at U.M. ARMY their whole life long.

Our History

In 2023, U.M. ARMY will celebrate 45 years in ministry! We began in 1979, when thirty six youth and adults from three Houston churches held the first U.M. ARMY mission week in Athens, TX.  Since that time we have grown to over 60 programs nationally each year. We have established regions throughout Texas, Louisiana, the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions of United States. We are continuing to grow in Florida, Kentucky, and Mississippi.  Each year we identify growth areas and work to bring U.M. ARMY to additional regions and communities.

Our Programs

In most areas local churches host our mission programs.  Participants eat, sleep, enjoy fellowship and worship at host locations. They are divided into work teams of four to six youth with adult support for the week’s work.  U.M. ARMY requires that church groups bring 2 adults for every 5 youth. Preparation, safety and teamwork are priorities for all participants.

U.M. ARMY youth and adults work together on small construction projects such as porches, stairs and handicap access ramps. Teams also do a variety of home maintenance such as  handrails, yard work, painting, repair of leaky roofs, windows and doors. Clients are referred through local social service agencies,  and church organizations. Jobs are selected and completed based on greatest need.

Join Us

We invite you and your church to partner with U.M. ARMY

Participate with us:

Church groups of any size and denomination are welcome to join us at programs run in our established regions or in growth areas near you.  Because our mission programs are located close to home you won’t spend a fortune getting there. And U.M. ARMY is  more cost effective than other national mission programs because we utilize the connectional system to offset the cost of housing and food. Registration fees run between $250 and $300 at host church locations. U.M. ARMY mission opportunities located at camp and retreat centers are higher in price. Each regions offers a variety of summer mission experiences accommodating a variety of ages.  Some regions also offer Christmas and Spring Break mission programs.

Host us:

We would love to bring U.M. ARMY to your community. Host churches report that something special occurs when U.M. ARMY is in their building and community. Because we view our hosts as partners in mission, our outreach is your outreach. Communities are transformed as we work together.

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to continue to respond to our neighbors in need by working to provide every youth and young adult in the United States with the opportunity to experience U.M. ARMY. Our Core Values fuel our mission, vision and purpose.

· We are a God-led, volunteer, youth-focused organization

· We believe God changes lives through the U.M. ARMY experience

· We believe in increasing the number of lives touched in a planned and responsible way

· We believe in being proactive in protecting the persons we touch, the environment and the corporate organization

· We believe U.M. ARMY operations can be accomplished with hard work, compassion and honesty

· We believe in developing well-trained leadership

· We believe that all aspects of the U.M. ARMY organization will be managed with integrity


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